Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free! anime review

To start out with a few notes, i'm so sorry that i haven't put a post here in awhile. may you all except my most sincere apologies. also happy new years! it's probably terrible timing and everything, but hey holidays are the holidays.

Another note: I know i promised to finish the last half of my review on the Elfen Lied anime. But due to certain events i am delayed in finishing the series.

Finally, i've been informed by my friend (repeatidly) of an anime known as 'Free!'.

i seriously thought i'd lose interest in the series about an episode or two in.

i regret this thought DEEPLY. VERY DEEPLY.

This anime is a very rare gem in the sports/coming of age genre. I have not seen a story this enjoyable since 'Eyeshield 21'

I must commend the fact that this series ran very smoothly, not just the storyline but also how the characters moved. it's rare for anime series to have that quality in them, and i greatly appreciate it. on this note i would also like to commend the artwork of the anime:

so pretty!!!

my favorite character by far was the megane Rei Ryugazaki, with Rin Matsuoka as a very close 2nd.

Rei Ryugazaki

Rin Matsuoka

Love the drama in the series and the interaction between my fsvorite characters. i couldn't help but think that this whole series was going to turn into Yaoi sooner or later, OH WELL...
 i got really disappointed at one part of episode one that everyone probably every other fan girl did the scene where Haru was getting out of the tub.
 so much disappoint.but the thing i kinda got confused about alot was the relationships. 
but that was clarified :)

i also caught wind of a rumor that there may be a 2nd season this upcoming summer. so i'll be keeping an eye out for that, hope you guys have a good new years eve and day.  
keep on reading my updates please!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elfen Lied, My review on this Pt.1

Well hello anyone that's been reading this blog!
I'm forgetting about why i made this blog in the first place hope you aren't that mad at me,

So today i'm gonna talk about the o so amazing anime: '
Elfen Lied

I read the manga long before i even knew there was an anime.
I have to say that it's kinda rare to find a series that has such a striking visual aura about it. I love the characters, my top three would probably be:

  1. Lucy 
  2. Bandoh
  3. Mayu

By the way i (no matter how bad it seems) "ship"(?) MayuXBando.

i don't  'ship' often so yeah sorry if your thinking 'GOD WHAT A NEWB...'

ANYHOW, I luv the series so far. I'm on episode 8 and now Nana is deemed dead by the reaserchers and such. i can't wait to find out how the story progresses. if it's like the manga a few more characters are going to appear. some that will break my heart and ONE i'll throw a freakin' banquet when they die.
I hope kenta can realize in time that Lucy is his one true love(or something stupid like that)
I LOVE gorey manga so the scenes where Lucy owns Bando's ass is one of my favorites. Then there's the one episode where Lucy rips Nana's arms and legs off, hohoohoo, sent shivers down my spine. so cool that this is all surrounding a fear most people have that Yeah as a matter of fact there are things greater than us out there, GET OVER IT.

i hope the next leg of my anime journey proves worthy of my time.
 Keep reading and by the way i think i forgot to mention this but, any one can comment on my blog if you want it's free to chat about :)
hope you enjoy my random blabber be writting soon. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

my wishlist:

Yeah so chrismas is just around the corner and i know what i want! it's pretty simple:


  • Pokemon Black1&2 (i already have both the whites already)
  • ace attorney, any of them.


  • jack frost vol.2
  • sip-beat vol.2 & up
  • hellsing vol. 1,2,4 & up
  • loveless series.

  • A lanyard making kit
  • sketchbooks 
  • color pencils
  • a bag of spearmint starlight brand mints.

yeah so this is what i want but anythings fine, hell i'll even take a pack of pokemon cards. I still collect them.

 Also some funny pictures i found when i googled 'funny chrismas'


My aspiring cosplay photographer special #01! (Vriska Serket)

Today my friend wanted to cosplay as Vriska Serket from homestuck so here are the photos we took:

Look out for more of my cosplay specials!
you can find more of my friends cosplays at worldcosplay under the name Dokine

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some stuff about me....

Despite the lingering effects of the cold shoulder that the inter web surfers have been giving me i decided to just throw some random stuff i do in my spare time:

i happen to design chrome browser backgrounds in my "spare time" at school like these:

yeah yeah i know repetitive dangan ronpa themes but hey i enjoy making them. even if they're lame.

i also make visual novel games using the ren'py engine:
unfortunately coding hates me......
but the games i get that Other people have made are pretty fun!

on my days off you can often find me walking around my neighborhood cemetary.

i on certain rainy weekends tend to splurge on romantic visual novels: (*i'll do posts about these later)
this can be downloaded here:

                                                     A2~a due - English Otome Games

RE: Alistair (believe it or not this is actually free) download here:

                                             REAlistair++ - Download - Sakevisual

Ristorante Amore:

and i have a deviantart account as well... but i draw terribly.

 ( axel8lover8 (maddie) on deviantART )

I also have some interest in writing. 
i sometimes go on the inter webs looking for pictures and i get inspired to write a poem about it. i don't own the pictures but i do like captioning them:

this isn't one of my best by the way.
also 'Luka Cross' is just my penname. 

 i also like taking photos, my friend Dokine i'm sort of an aspirin' cosplay photographer. and thanx to her for giving me permission I give you some of the work she's done:

If you wanna see more of her work she's under the name Dokine @ world cosplay. she also has a blog on Lollita stuffs which you can fin by clickin' the name Up top the photos.

I like anime.

 well now that I gave you guys a big bite of my interests I hope you enjoy them. 
be posting later BYE~