Monday, November 25, 2013

Brian's Dead...

so hey guys this post's a SPOILER ALERT,
for those who know and those who don't last night on family guy Brian Griffin Died.

at comic-con in july they announced that yes as a matter of fact they were planning to kill off one of the griffins, as to which one they wouldn't say.

Personally i thought it was going to be Meg or Chris, but nooooo they had to kill off my favorite character. It's like a creepypasta gone horribly wrong, oh well they introduced a new character too his name's vinny he will now take over the role of the talking dog.

So let us take a moment today to look back and reflect on the life that Brian Griffin lived:

Now if you don't mind....

*this is an edit i forgot to do, brian griffin was brought back to life in the christmas episode 2 weeks later.

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