Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dark Cloud Flashback

so yeah people i'm back for day two and i'd like to keep strong to my fandom stuffs and I like to fangirl about everything so i'm gonna tell you about an old classic PS2 game I played when I was younger. Well it was about the best RPG I played in 2005(or maybe 2003),Dark Cloud.

It had a pretty neat storyline and fairly manageable gameplay. and you didn't just play as one character you could flip between a range of characters like a flying rabbit that toted around guns or a cat that had a slingshot for a weapon. my personal favorite was a genie you get from some prick millionaire. the weapons ranged in different forms and techniques. such as toan the protagonist, he fought strictely with swords, Xiao had a slingshot and ruby used these magic arm bands.


the dungeon systems no matter how I look at em' had to have been the inspirations for the pokemon mystery dungeons. complete with ever changing layouts and monsters dropping treasures. Only difference was no staircase was gonna take you to the next level of the dungeon, Oh nonono you had to find a key that one of the monsters was holding.
And then god willing you get past the first Bazillion levels you get to meet the mini boss. then part two of the quest you get an ally. that ally helps your ass from then on out so don't take them for granted. always always always be aware to raise your stats when you go through the dungeons. also keep in mind that it's a puzzle to beat the main boss of a dungeon.
 Now to go onto my favorite monsters.
I didn't like any of them. but my favorite mini boss was this guy named Seda.

MMM.... dem graphics

and then my favorite main boss was this girl named la saia.

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