Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elfen Lied, My review on this Pt.1

Well hello anyone that's been reading this blog!
I'm forgetting about why i made this blog in the first place hope you aren't that mad at me,

So today i'm gonna talk about the o so amazing anime: '
Elfen Lied

I read the manga long before i even knew there was an anime.
I have to say that it's kinda rare to find a series that has such a striking visual aura about it. I love the characters, my top three would probably be:

  1. Lucy 
  2. Bandoh
  3. Mayu

By the way i (no matter how bad it seems) "ship"(?) MayuXBando.

i don't  'ship' often so yeah sorry if your thinking 'GOD WHAT A NEWB...'

ANYHOW, I luv the series so far. I'm on episode 8 and now Nana is deemed dead by the reaserchers and such. i can't wait to find out how the story progresses. if it's like the manga a few more characters are going to appear. some that will break my heart and ONE i'll throw a freakin' banquet when they die.
I hope kenta can realize in time that Lucy is his one true love(or something stupid like that)
I LOVE gorey manga so the scenes where Lucy owns Bando's ass is one of my favorites. Then there's the one episode where Lucy rips Nana's arms and legs off, hohoohoo, sent shivers down my spine. so cool that this is all surrounding a fear most people have that Yeah as a matter of fact there are things greater than us out there, GET OVER IT.

i hope the next leg of my anime journey proves worthy of my time.
 Keep reading and by the way i think i forgot to mention this but, any one can comment on my blog if you want it's free to chat about :)
hope you enjoy my random blabber be writting soon. 

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