Thursday, December 5, 2013

Toriko installment

Hey i'm back for yet another installment of blogging.
today i'm gonna chill out a bit and go over a 'fairly' popular manga/anime series known as Toriko.

toriko in my opinion is really funny and quiet an imaginative story. but on that note I watch and read the series and I continuously believe that this takes place in the same world as Dragon Ball Z! I mean if you look at the main chracters,
  • Toriko=Goku.
  • Komatsu=Krillin
  • Coco= Picolo
  • Sunny=Vegeta
it's like whoa whoa whoa!  I thought those guys were off savin' the earth, not lookin' for food!
  So any how i'm really interested in how this series will tie up in the end, what with all these crazy backstories and developing plots.
O and don't even get me started on the fact that this anime series is THE breeding ground for yaoi fangirls. but on that exact same note it's a paradise for them!
they're all sorts of pairings you could do for this series. but in the manga where i'm at in the story line (vol.17) it's like everyone wants komatsu. and it's funny because there's only one main girl that is in the story (or was) that might've had a chance.

                      though I have my doubts about Sunny's manliness...

 I do remember WHY he's one of the four heavenly kings...

Oh and you remember general Lionwhite from the video game 'Brutal Legend'? remember how he could fly with his hair? well sunny does the same thing, but doesn't go and look like a complete douche while he does it.

Then tying with sunny at 2nd for my favorite of the heavenly kings is Coco.
In my opinion one of the most badass characters in manga, I mean the dude is like the embodiement of poisons and venoms. (and yes there is a difference between the two)
my number one favorite of the heavenly kings is probably Zebra. not cuz of his looks but because of his power, which is his voice. kinda lame but think about it the dude can break the sound barrier with his voice so HA!

kind of like a messed up siren of epic slaughter and despair. to bad he spent most of the time in a freakin' prison. but yes that he's out and about bein' who he is.

One of my favorite characters outside of the heavenly kings would have to have been Teppei. he's kinda like nice guy, badass figting style, ditz. but love how his character always seems to have an air of indifference about him.

i have strange obsessions for this series but hey, who cares?

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