Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some stuff about me....

Despite the lingering effects of the cold shoulder that the inter web surfers have been giving me i decided to just throw some random stuff i do in my spare time:

i happen to design chrome browser backgrounds in my "spare time" at school like these:

yeah yeah i know repetitive dangan ronpa themes but hey i enjoy making them. even if they're lame.

i also make visual novel games using the ren'py engine:
unfortunately coding hates me......
but the games i get that Other people have made are pretty fun!

on my days off you can often find me walking around my neighborhood cemetary.

i on certain rainy weekends tend to splurge on romantic visual novels: (*i'll do posts about these later)
this can be downloaded here:

                                                     A2~a due - English Otome Games

RE: Alistair (believe it or not this is actually free) download here:

                                             REAlistair++ - Download - Sakevisual

Ristorante Amore:

and i have a deviantart account as well... but i draw terribly.

 ( axel8lover8 (maddie) on deviantART )

I also have some interest in writing. 
i sometimes go on the inter webs looking for pictures and i get inspired to write a poem about it. i don't own the pictures but i do like captioning them:

this isn't one of my best by the way.
also 'Luka Cross' is just my penname. 

 i also like taking photos, my friend Dokine i'm sort of an aspirin' cosplay photographer. and thanx to her for giving me permission I give you some of the work she's done:

If you wanna see more of her work she's under the name Dokine @ world cosplay. she also has a blog on Lollita stuffs which you can fin by clickin' the name Up top the photos.

I like anime.

 well now that I gave you guys a big bite of my interests I hope you enjoy them. 
be posting later BYE~

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