Wednesday, November 19, 2014

don't hug me i'm scared?

so yes i have seen all the DHMIS videos and i have to say i freakin love the fandom. i mean c'mon;

just wuv it soooooo much~

Monday, November 10, 2014

part 2!

randomstuck is gonna get an updater real soon keep reading it has strife!

more to come soon~

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

randomstuck stuff

So i've gotten some edits and stuff down put out a part of the story. in all honesty im not sure how long this series is gonna run, but i really do have a ton of storyline to lay down for it.
im so proud i've made luka's guardian and i'm working on her kernal sprite. then i have to work on delsin's :' ) so i'm gonna be a second between posts for it lol.

o yeah here's the canon guardian for luka:
hope you like crap cuz there's still a lot left.

Friday, October 31, 2014

MSPFA hates me..(;_;)

so yeah i can't put my files on MSPFA because of wacked out file formats. SOOOOOOOOOOO instead i'm going to be making yet another BLOG for it, so you can look at it if you want right here:

so lets start with the fun :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Blog

so yeah quick update i'm making a new blog where i'm ranting and raving, basically just venting about shit that goes on in this world feel free to view it at when in doubt bitch it out . i will never post inthis blog the pissed off bitch i am inside, this blog is for shit i love, not the shit i hate.
feed back is a ppreciated and even trolls are allowed to post on here,
I solemly swear to post every comment to the blogs for all to see unless otherwise requested.

hope to hear from you guys who read this blog
BYE~BYE for now 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Heinoustuck & Guidestuck

Hello, as usual i've been away for far to long but that's to be expected of a college student who gets like three hours of sleep, tops.
i would like to elaborate on what exactly i'm doing if I have some time at all to relax.
I've been reading MSPFAs about Homestuck, and I have found 2 that i really like:

I don't know how to explain my strange love for these AUs. But i think they are the greatest AUs floating around out there.

So i'll start with Guidestuck: (credit for splainnin' panels Given to harleystriders)
Guidestuck is an MSPFA made by Scavenrot. Read it here folks: Guidestuck
Except Cal who was the guide of a doomed timeline~
which i think (in theory) is something i need to keep in mind as they play the game.
Everyone who dies (is gonna be a sprite mo fo) I love jade in this one, it's just so sad what happens to her...
yeah read and enjoy that scene without crying~
THEIR guardians are:
Ya damn right he get's his own panel~

so the character your first introduced to is Bec:

YES as in Becquerel Jade's dog. that insanely epic dog that was a nuclear, teleporting, badass.
Is now this. 
then it's Jasper's, you know who dat one is probably:
Umm yeah he's really cul, but i find him to be SUCH A DIIIIIIIIIIICK....
I mean you look back at how he was in homestuck and you just can't react any other way, then by saying 'U's a bitch...' Treats his dad like he's some shitty nuisance, hides stuff from his friends and pretends like he's the smartest motherfucker in town...*sigh* but that's my opinion~
next we have an Egbert:
Umm...Yeah not much i can say about Quinn except she tends to come off as a bit well stuck up.
She has a thing for jasper, but from what i've come to understand; Jasper likes Bec, And Cal likes him as well... BUT!! Jasper has been giving off subtle signs that he likes Quinn. But Bec likes Jasper and hates Cal. so it makes you wonder what the hell their relationship is like.
Speaking of cal:
Cal is a bit creepy....
but i enjoy her/his personality a lot.
O and the trolls are actual literal trolls, they're all dead, but we actually get to meet the Lusi.
In the story so far you've met most of the lusi, and understand how they think. BUT their is one who we've met that gives me the hellG-bs:
Falkor Makara
I have know idea why this guy scares me, he just does.
He like, beats the shit outta eridan's lusus and is the only one who's troll is alive *koff-koff-GAMZEE*
and it's just the fact he isn't like the Makara's at all is what ticks me off the most!
But as i should clarify, there is not much known about the lusi's game session. Therefore my opinions are not grounded by any solid facts.

onto Heinoustuck~
READ IT IN THE DARK~~~~~Heinoustuck
Is the property of the user Yorsh

So Heinoustuck is more along the lines of Homestuck. it starts with John Egbert in his room:

and as you can see he's pretty jumpy. There is a pretty frickin' good reason for that~
You see in this reality of Homestuck, when the kids turn that lovely age in which they go into the game to play Sburb, they undergo a transformation.
Allow me to explain:
you start out as John, and your hiding from your dad.
you get messaged by dave (exactly as the story line goes)
who when we get to see a shot of real fast:
Dave strider
i'll show you the others as well(Excluding john cuz they haven't gotten to that point in the story:
Rose Lalonde
Jade Harley

Jade scares the living shit outta me~

And none of them have their original personality.
John apparently LOOOOVES cake, and rose has som ADHD thing goin' on. 
an Jade has Karkat's attitude. not even joking She's a bitch.

but to make matters slightly more disturbing:

John is slightly going mad.  

and is being pressured by them to fufill the mutation.
i'm at the part where you've just started playing as Rose. and it is so weird to do the Strife scene with her like this. 
I have the most abnormal fear that John is going to kill himself before he is mutated. which would end this series but i really want it to  UPDATE SO I CAN CARRY ON WITH MY LIFE.....
Also the sprites i placed up there are the same as the ones from my post about how many different AUs there are for homestuck, so i hope you don't think i'm like not aware of my shit.

So that's all i can say about these AUs, My friend wanted me to read Ke$hastuck, but about 200 pages in i lost interest.
so yeah that's not going up here, BUT i will do updates on the statuses of these AUs when i can thanks for readin. be posting later.
Bye~Bye for now. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

stuff that makes me smile

so yes as a way to fill the void before i write another full blog entry i'll give you some stuff i found on the internet that made me laugh~

 I still can't get over the fact they got rid of ronald and brought in a box what the hell?

I may add more but for now this is what they're is, enjoy.