Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello everyone!
I'm back for yet another lovely post on my blog. this time i'm doing it about the newly popular series Homestuck.
Link: www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6

from what i've seen so far (I'm up to act 3 part 5) i was probably hooked on this series from act 1. with my friends muchly appreciated support, i've braved through the first boring part of the series. 
Mainly i wanted to read(?) this series because i thought the trolls were pretty cool, but...
I was very sad about this, but i've learned to get over it. this series can be a bit odd but it does provide some enjoyment. i'm still unsure about some parts about this series but it really is addictive.
well the whole series is placed to tell the story of four kids:

 John Egbert

Rose Lalonde
Dave Strider
Jade Harley
I love John He's so relatable. and i've already decide that Dave is kind of a dick, but my friend assures me that i will come to love him, as all fangirls of Homestuck do eventually. my response was "challenge accepted".
I like the story for Homestuck it's difficult to explain, but you get it in the end. 
Any how will go to the part i really want to see DA TROLLZ!

Twelve in all and a very extensive and articulate history behind them. These are known as the BETA trolls. Gamzee and Karkat are my Favorites! 
Then you get the ALPHA Trolls which are the ancestors of the beta trolls:

This is a very nice sneak peek at the series i think. so with that i bid you a dew and a sober Gamzee :)

P.S. Filling a pail, 
                   Don't look into it.

omg. i'm so sorry this is an extremly late edit the ancestors and the alpha trolls are the same thing, i'm just stupid forgives me plz : ) 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

C.V.N. (Cute Visual Novel)

(warning! post contains spoilers)

Yeah i know i've been doing a lot of visual novel stuffs.
I'm Sowwy.
but this was a visual novel i rage quitted on 5 different times, because i couldn't get the ending i wanted. it's called Get Dumped:
Download here: Get dumped 

you basically play this girl who's boyfriend(Apptly named Arashi) breaks up with you. so you in an effort to try to fight fo' yo man, you  get him to agree to one final date. 
easy enough right?

you have to spend an entire week trying to prepare for the day, but as you play you realize that your playing as the biggest bitch of them all !
so though this game is fairly repetitive of the cliched highschool dramas in manga, it has the charm most fail to hit you with. I mean come on the artwork itself is adorable.

It's a very cute game with cute endings so play as soon as you can!
be posting soon, later!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Worst Dating Sim EVER!

Yeah Hi, haven't been on in awhile i know so i just wanted to let all you who read my blog.
so after a long break i decide to rant  about something that i normally find great joy in doing.

I was playing dating sims, and earlier that day i was recommended a game known as 'Hired Gun'.

It had a good concept behind it, You get kidnapped and your attacker keeps you hostage and can do whatever he wants to you. I immeadetly thought "Wow this is gonna be a good story"

this was the biggest waste of my time EVER. i was under the impression that this was a great romance, it was not.
First off you start off as the main protagonist girl named Robinette Addison. This was possibly the first warning sign and yet i did not heed it. I was a little taken aback by the character's name but i figured the name was just an accident. So i continued on and it suddenly took a freakin' nose dive off the crazy cliff into WTF? Lane.

you suddenly see the guy's dad you asked to go out with you earlier that day get.(this had already been deemed a failure) shot from a drive by. i sat there for a moment like 'umm....OK.....'
you then go to school where you meet your friend. The sprites are understandable, you can't really have much success in drawing your sprites on a computer. so of course you use like google images or something for the sprites. then you end up going and walking home late at night, this is bad news i thought it was going to be a mad dash for home type scene but noooooooo, you had to have someone follow you a short ways then get knocked out.

so you wake up in a room that is OBVIOUSLY an easy to escape bedroom, but nooo you have to put in so much effort just to complain and ask questions, this then triggers a series of unrealistic situations that make no sense whatsoevah! I ended up with the ending titled, "death in the mountains" if you want to see this game for yourselves to hopefully be a bit more educated on it, be my guest. just remember this you can delete it at anytime.

you can find it here: Worst Dating Sim Ever 
                                        this photo shows how i feel about dis game: