Wednesday, January 22, 2014

C.V.N. (Cute Visual Novel)

(warning! post contains spoilers)

Yeah i know i've been doing a lot of visual novel stuffs.
I'm Sowwy.
but this was a visual novel i rage quitted on 5 different times, because i couldn't get the ending i wanted. it's called Get Dumped:
Download here: Get dumped 

you basically play this girl who's boyfriend(Apptly named Arashi) breaks up with you. so you in an effort to try to fight fo' yo man, you  get him to agree to one final date. 
easy enough right?

you have to spend an entire week trying to prepare for the day, but as you play you realize that your playing as the biggest bitch of them all !
so though this game is fairly repetitive of the cliched highschool dramas in manga, it has the charm most fail to hit you with. I mean come on the artwork itself is adorable.

It's a very cute game with cute endings so play as soon as you can!
be posting soon, later!

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