Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello everyone!
I'm back for yet another lovely post on my blog. this time i'm doing it about the newly popular series Homestuck.
Link: www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6

from what i've seen so far (I'm up to act 3 part 5) i was probably hooked on this series from act 1. with my friends muchly appreciated support, i've braved through the first boring part of the series. 
Mainly i wanted to read(?) this series because i thought the trolls were pretty cool, but...
I was very sad about this, but i've learned to get over it. this series can be a bit odd but it does provide some enjoyment. i'm still unsure about some parts about this series but it really is addictive.
well the whole series is placed to tell the story of four kids:

 John Egbert

Rose Lalonde
Dave Strider
Jade Harley
I love John He's so relatable. and i've already decide that Dave is kind of a dick, but my friend assures me that i will come to love him, as all fangirls of Homestuck do eventually. my response was "challenge accepted".
I like the story for Homestuck it's difficult to explain, but you get it in the end. 
Any how will go to the part i really want to see DA TROLLZ!

Twelve in all and a very extensive and articulate history behind them. These are known as the BETA trolls. Gamzee and Karkat are my Favorites! 
Then you get the ALPHA Trolls which are the ancestors of the beta trolls:

This is a very nice sneak peek at the series i think. so with that i bid you a dew and a sober Gamzee :)

P.S. Filling a pail, 
                   Don't look into it.

omg. i'm so sorry this is an extremly late edit the ancestors and the alpha trolls are the same thing, i'm just stupid forgives me plz : ) 

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