Friday, January 17, 2014

Worst Dating Sim EVER!

Yeah Hi, haven't been on in awhile i know so i just wanted to let all you who read my blog.
so after a long break i decide to rant  about something that i normally find great joy in doing.

I was playing dating sims, and earlier that day i was recommended a game known as 'Hired Gun'.

It had a good concept behind it, You get kidnapped and your attacker keeps you hostage and can do whatever he wants to you. I immeadetly thought "Wow this is gonna be a good story"

this was the biggest waste of my time EVER. i was under the impression that this was a great romance, it was not.
First off you start off as the main protagonist girl named Robinette Addison. This was possibly the first warning sign and yet i did not heed it. I was a little taken aback by the character's name but i figured the name was just an accident. So i continued on and it suddenly took a freakin' nose dive off the crazy cliff into WTF? Lane.

you suddenly see the guy's dad you asked to go out with you earlier that day get.(this had already been deemed a failure) shot from a drive by. i sat there for a moment like 'umm....OK.....'
you then go to school where you meet your friend. The sprites are understandable, you can't really have much success in drawing your sprites on a computer. so of course you use like google images or something for the sprites. then you end up going and walking home late at night, this is bad news i thought it was going to be a mad dash for home type scene but noooooooo, you had to have someone follow you a short ways then get knocked out.

so you wake up in a room that is OBVIOUSLY an easy to escape bedroom, but nooo you have to put in so much effort just to complain and ask questions, this then triggers a series of unrealistic situations that make no sense whatsoevah! I ended up with the ending titled, "death in the mountains" if you want to see this game for yourselves to hopefully be a bit more educated on it, be my guest. just remember this you can delete it at anytime.

you can find it here: Worst Dating Sim Ever 
                                        this photo shows how i feel about dis game: 

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