Thursday, February 27, 2014

homestuck really does have some awesome fandom

apparently in the homestuck fandom it's trending to make your own kid and/or troll. i decided to do a human. you can honestly find the sprites on google images, great quality too. I did all of these on photoshop so don't judge >: P

HAHAHA XD i know i'm a dork. and i apparently have waaaaaay to much fun with photoshop i like it it's totally me~

so i'm supposed to now give a description right um...
i'm goin with a blade kind strife specibus, john's filo stack fetch modus and my captchalogue cards are purple. i've got a strange affinity for crappy horror movies and love to sing. and play guitar (though i suck at it) and yes the character can see i was just being stupid and used the eyes i thought were the coolest.

this is five days from when i initially started to write the blog: i was told you need to have a troll too, so i'm going to post my troll up here as well. time for the laughs:

the trolls name is Liouse Cruxse. she's kind of a mechanic, she's in love with the color blue and loves patterns. and has the world's ugliest wallpaper and carpet designs. she owns a giant scalemate that she has changed into a kind of robot. her blood is colored teal, so kind of on the borderline of kanaya's blood and vriska's blood, making her one of the higher class trolls. but she hates upper class folks, much like nepeta and terezi she ostricized herself from the others. she has the wrench kind strife specibus, her fetch modus is puzzle(?) and her captcha log cards are blue.

whoa O.O i had a whole back story for my troll.... sweet.

yeah so this is my fan ocs so chastize me if you want, but i think i did a good job.
be posting later bye-bye~    

Monday, February 24, 2014

Creepypasta Review #001!

yes so just a note if you have no prior knowledge of what creepypastas are please review in this link:
the creepypasta main site or here the creepypasta wikia 
just so you know I've just recently gotten into the flow of this so give me your patience.
SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any who... i'll  be reviewing the Creepypasta Cupcakes:
basically it's a fanfiction or spinpasta as some would say, about pinkie pie killing rainbow dash. i personally love this story it's a tad bit grotesque and has very umm... well... fucked up.
i mean she EATS THE PONY'S.
As it is the story was good, rainbow dash goes to help pinkie pie make cupcakes and then winds up getting knocked out. yeah totally hannibal lector. she proceeds as normal horror movies with the saw like genre to wake up in a dark room. which then has pinkie having an intricate monologue on how she was soooo~ excited about rainbow dash being the one who's number she picked. and we have of course the traditional "if i did something wrong i'm sorry!" response to the dire situation.Which then leads to pinkie hacking off dash's wings with a hack saw.
greatly detailed in how it looked when it was going down. you know it always amazes me how something greatly loved by many can be corrupted so thourougly. hats off to you brave writer.
after the initial wing hack, pinkie begins cutting off the "cutie mark" which i'm pretty sure is the little emblems on their thighs right?
dash passes out, awakening to pinkie eating her. like she cut off a piece of pinkie to eat. euuh gross.

then comes the dissection scene with the initial ripping out of organs followed by retarded puns from pinkie.
i really enjoyed this creepypasta, if ponies killing eachother isn't your bag then my bad~

be posting soon!
random comic:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homestuck: I'M FINALLY IN ACT 5!!!!!!!!!!! (or pt.2 of the homestuck blogs)

yes so just as the title claims, i have finally triumphed the trials of the first 4 acts and have sucessfully reached the all amazing trollz!
Now: Warning This Post Contains Some Spoilers!

yes so the Homestuck series has many acts in it that you ABSOLUTELY have to read or you will get lost around the fifth act. I really don't know what to say, the trolls were totally not like what i'd thought prior to reaching the fifth act, I think they're all so adorable in their own way!

(warning ranting fangirl)
i'll go in order of how i remember them because some want to stay in my mind better then others:

Karkat Vantas:  
He's very much an oddball, that appears constantly angry (or should i say CRABBY *chirp-chirp*)  he's pretty much got a severe inferiority complex, which is why he's constantly claiming to be the leader of the trolls. He's pretty cool in my opinion, but i just couldn't get used to a guy that pms' more often than i do. 
in my mind              
in actuality 
Gamzee Makara:
He's Karkat's friend, at least in his own mind. he's pretty cute in my mind, a wee bit creepy, but still pretty cool. he tends to come off as a stoner but i don't think that's the case, from what my friend tells me i'll understand what sober Gamzee is a BAD Gamzee means 0.0
in my mind

in reality

Sollux captor:
I LOVE SOLLUX! that's all you need to know! he kinda reminds me of cyclops from the X-Men, you know laser eyes and the like. Except the eye thing is kind of  manifestation of his psychic powers, he's able to see the future and is much like his girlfriend Aradia. he's kind of a buzzkill, but he does it to himself most of the time. but he's still cool.

in my mind

in reality

in wriggler (trolls as babies) form 

Aradia Megido:
She can speak to the dead.
And was a ghost the whole time, that's basically the middle finger of the trolls. and then after becoming one with her kernal sprite she goes into this robot Equius makes for her. but the only way you find out she's dead is when a random flash back to her sending ghosts to haunt Vriska, this causes Vriska to use her powers to control Sollux to go and kill Aradia! And he was her BOYFRIEND! fuck Romeo & Juliet i like this story a lot better! 



 kernal sprite


Tavros Nitram:
umm Tavros is kinda lame....
but that's what makes him cute, in a dorky way. once again he unfortunatly was a victim Vriska's power which caused him to jump off a cliff and become paralyzed. that bitch! he's actually probably the funniest of the trolls. i like him the way he is sooooo~ dute!

in actuality

in my mindhumanstuck vrs.

Terezi Pyrope:
I have mixed feelings about her, like i like her but i also hate her. she wants to be a lawyer apparently and likes dragons. she's also blind, but can taste words and other things such as colors o.O. likes the flavor of her red chalk....
might explain the glasses.

in actuality

 in my mind

Nepeta Leijon:
it's a kitty! Nepeta is the most dordable troll, she's like a kitty so wittle and duuute~  i think she's probably the most regular troll there is, she appears very mature for how she looks. though her roleplaying appears to be one flaw in the character apparently. Oh well~

in reality

in my mind

Equius Zahhak:
I LAUGH AT HIM, soooooooooo much. he's the reason i'm so confused about homestuck hieracy. like there supposed to be so mighty and powerful if your born with blood like his. except he doesn't look like royalty, he looks like a thug. Apparently is a protector of Nepeta, kind of thought they'd wind up together but meh~. he's also super strong and has problems controlling said strength. also has a bit of a temper. when he with his friends on the chat log he tends to be a bit elegant in his typing mannerisms. hates it when people cuss. makes robots for fun, but destroys them just as easily.

in reality

an example of trouble controlling strength.


Vriska Serket:
I am not fond Vriska, however her character design is really... bewitching(?).  It's difficult to describe exactly how i feel about Vriska, i don't like the things she has done. but she is a really cool character, i enjoy the parts that involve her. she was apparently raised by a spider, and contains several eyes within her left eye, also Equius made her a robotic left arm.   

in my eyes

when i found out what shes done

in reality(before she lost her left eye)

Kanaya Maryam:
i love this character she is truly one of the more regal of the trolls. she apparently has jade blood, and is talented in the field of clothing design. she is very elegant in everything she does, chatting with her friends or gutting her custodian after her passing. she's just an overall beautiful character. if trolls were real her and i woulda' been buds...

in my eyes

in reality


Feferi Peixes:
i don't know much about this girl, but what i do know is that she lives underwater, has a bubbly personality, and friend zoned Eridan. (i know right not even the trolls are safe from it!) she likes making fish puns and has been with Eridan most of her life. she's (and Eridan) apparently one of the most royally blooded trolls out of there. she wants the land trolls and Eridan to get along and has apparently exhausted herself doing so.


in reality

Eridan Ampora:
I think i love this guy! he's so cute and easy to irritate >:) but i feel bad that he's been friendzoned by Feferi. I like how this guys like the Dr. Evil of homestuck. i don't mean like he's a bad guy, i mean he's constantly trying to kill all the land trolls but keeps failing. he is interesting in the way he speaks, he has a strange accent and speaks in a snobbish manner. But after being shot down by Feferi he learned a little humility. But despite his many flaws, he's a good character.   

in reality

as a wriggler 

so i have said my piece on them and i must continue the story. i will most likely post again when i reach act 6 or maybe the second act of act 5. so until that time enjoy this SHORT COMIC:

be posting later!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Aspiring cosply Photographer special #002!!

So i decide i would put up some more of my friend dokine's cosplays so i'm gonna put in her Haruhi Fujioka cosplay, enjoy! : D


La Cosplay:

then another friend of mine showed up as one of the hittachin twins and had some minor problems with her wig....

 yeah it was a lot of laughs but they enjoyed themselves
see you soon!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Repo! The Genetic Opera: movie review

This is one of my all time favorite movies simply because it's so much fun! it's that very VERY rare combination of tragedy and comedy that no one else in the world has been able to copy. I've actually repeatedly watched this movie over the last three years because it still rings out something in me i've had trouble expressing for years:  Feels.
Yes i know what your thinking, "this movie gives you feels?" and i must answer, "yes. yes it does."
so sit back and enjoy this long overdue review of: 
Repo! The Genetic Opera
To start out with: this movie was released in 2008, it was directed by the same guy who directed saw and was a project picked up by Lionsgate.
this movie has the single greatest soundtrack in the history of the film industry. all songs in the film are mostly original. This in certain aspects was a box-office failure, however the cult following that ensued afterwards would seriously beg to differ. This movie is totally worth every second of life i spend watching it.
This movie should have been formally acknowledged and it wasn't because everyone and their mothers were bitchin' about how the movie was to gory and such.
but the movie had a story that was something more, something greater. It had revenge and betrayal, romance and terror, and just enough hilarity to ensure that the mood never drooped to low.

The story is set in the year 2056 a mass outbreak of organ failures triggers the world into a state of panic. everyone's dying and there seems to be no hope....
Until a hero emerges:

Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino.)
accompanied by his children;
Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton)
Luigi Largo (Bill Moseley)
and Pavi Largo (Nivek Ogre)
they become the world's most powerful and unstoppable family.

Then after he becomes the world's medical powerhouse beneficiary he decides to make it that if anyone were to miss a payment on an organ transplant they would send a repo man to go and retrieve it.

now i know what your thinking, "isn't that the same plot as 'Repo Men'?"
No it isn't repo men (2010) came out AFTER the genetic opera (2008)

so continuing:
The Repo Man
 the man himself is pretty cool. not gonna tell you who he is, but yeah he's really cool. most of the gory scenes happen when he's around...
the whole story is set with the young seventeen year old girl Shiloh Wallace (Alexa Vega) as the main protagonist in our lovely little goth opera world.
She has inherited a blood disease from her deceased mother, Marni Wallace, that enables her to leave her home per the orders of her over bearing father Nathan Wallace (Anthony Stewart Head).
At the same time Rotti Largo is diagnosed with a terminal illness that gives him only as short time to live. He sees his children unworthy to the throne of geneco, so he decides to appoint Shiloh as the new head of Geneco.

In the end this movie will have you fall in love with it's style and dark whimsical charm.

if there is a desire in you to see a dark horse drama that isn't well known, then please from the bottom of your hearts find some time to watch this beloved cult classic.

Be posting later BYE~BYE!