Monday, February 24, 2014

Creepypasta Review #001!

yes so just a note if you have no prior knowledge of what creepypastas are please review in this link:
the creepypasta main site or here the creepypasta wikia 
just so you know I've just recently gotten into the flow of this so give me your patience.
SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any who... i'll  be reviewing the Creepypasta Cupcakes:
basically it's a fanfiction or spinpasta as some would say, about pinkie pie killing rainbow dash. i personally love this story it's a tad bit grotesque and has very umm... well... fucked up.
i mean she EATS THE PONY'S.
As it is the story was good, rainbow dash goes to help pinkie pie make cupcakes and then winds up getting knocked out. yeah totally hannibal lector. she proceeds as normal horror movies with the saw like genre to wake up in a dark room. which then has pinkie having an intricate monologue on how she was soooo~ excited about rainbow dash being the one who's number she picked. and we have of course the traditional "if i did something wrong i'm sorry!" response to the dire situation.Which then leads to pinkie hacking off dash's wings with a hack saw.
greatly detailed in how it looked when it was going down. you know it always amazes me how something greatly loved by many can be corrupted so thourougly. hats off to you brave writer.
after the initial wing hack, pinkie begins cutting off the "cutie mark" which i'm pretty sure is the little emblems on their thighs right?
dash passes out, awakening to pinkie eating her. like she cut off a piece of pinkie to eat. euuh gross.

then comes the dissection scene with the initial ripping out of organs followed by retarded puns from pinkie.
i really enjoyed this creepypasta, if ponies killing eachother isn't your bag then my bad~

be posting soon!
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