Thursday, February 27, 2014

homestuck really does have some awesome fandom

apparently in the homestuck fandom it's trending to make your own kid and/or troll. i decided to do a human. you can honestly find the sprites on google images, great quality too. I did all of these on photoshop so don't judge >: P

HAHAHA XD i know i'm a dork. and i apparently have waaaaaay to much fun with photoshop i like it it's totally me~

so i'm supposed to now give a description right um...
i'm goin with a blade kind strife specibus, john's filo stack fetch modus and my captchalogue cards are purple. i've got a strange affinity for crappy horror movies and love to sing. and play guitar (though i suck at it) and yes the character can see i was just being stupid and used the eyes i thought were the coolest.

this is five days from when i initially started to write the blog: i was told you need to have a troll too, so i'm going to post my troll up here as well. time for the laughs:

the trolls name is Liouse Cruxse. she's kind of a mechanic, she's in love with the color blue and loves patterns. and has the world's ugliest wallpaper and carpet designs. she owns a giant scalemate that she has changed into a kind of robot. her blood is colored teal, so kind of on the borderline of kanaya's blood and vriska's blood, making her one of the higher class trolls. but she hates upper class folks, much like nepeta and terezi she ostricized herself from the others. she has the wrench kind strife specibus, her fetch modus is puzzle(?) and her captcha log cards are blue.

whoa O.O i had a whole back story for my troll.... sweet.

yeah so this is my fan ocs so chastize me if you want, but i think i did a good job.
be posting later bye-bye~    

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