Monday, February 3, 2014

Repo! The Genetic Opera: movie review

This is one of my all time favorite movies simply because it's so much fun! it's that very VERY rare combination of tragedy and comedy that no one else in the world has been able to copy. I've actually repeatedly watched this movie over the last three years because it still rings out something in me i've had trouble expressing for years:  Feels.
Yes i know what your thinking, "this movie gives you feels?" and i must answer, "yes. yes it does."
so sit back and enjoy this long overdue review of: 
Repo! The Genetic Opera
To start out with: this movie was released in 2008, it was directed by the same guy who directed saw and was a project picked up by Lionsgate.
this movie has the single greatest soundtrack in the history of the film industry. all songs in the film are mostly original. This in certain aspects was a box-office failure, however the cult following that ensued afterwards would seriously beg to differ. This movie is totally worth every second of life i spend watching it.
This movie should have been formally acknowledged and it wasn't because everyone and their mothers were bitchin' about how the movie was to gory and such.
but the movie had a story that was something more, something greater. It had revenge and betrayal, romance and terror, and just enough hilarity to ensure that the mood never drooped to low.

The story is set in the year 2056 a mass outbreak of organ failures triggers the world into a state of panic. everyone's dying and there seems to be no hope....
Until a hero emerges:

Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino.)
accompanied by his children;
Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton)
Luigi Largo (Bill Moseley)
and Pavi Largo (Nivek Ogre)
they become the world's most powerful and unstoppable family.

Then after he becomes the world's medical powerhouse beneficiary he decides to make it that if anyone were to miss a payment on an organ transplant they would send a repo man to go and retrieve it.

now i know what your thinking, "isn't that the same plot as 'Repo Men'?"
No it isn't repo men (2010) came out AFTER the genetic opera (2008)

so continuing:
The Repo Man
 the man himself is pretty cool. not gonna tell you who he is, but yeah he's really cool. most of the gory scenes happen when he's around...
the whole story is set with the young seventeen year old girl Shiloh Wallace (Alexa Vega) as the main protagonist in our lovely little goth opera world.
She has inherited a blood disease from her deceased mother, Marni Wallace, that enables her to leave her home per the orders of her over bearing father Nathan Wallace (Anthony Stewart Head).
At the same time Rotti Largo is diagnosed with a terminal illness that gives him only as short time to live. He sees his children unworthy to the throne of geneco, so he decides to appoint Shiloh as the new head of Geneco.

In the end this movie will have you fall in love with it's style and dark whimsical charm.

if there is a desire in you to see a dark horse drama that isn't well known, then please from the bottom of your hearts find some time to watch this beloved cult classic.

Be posting later BYE~BYE! 

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