Thursday, March 20, 2014

umm, i know i haven't been on in awhile, but there's a good reason(s)

Hi guys sorry for being a constant thorn in the internet's side, but i've been away far to long i suppose, i had a lot of stuff going on as a senior in highschool, so yeah i'm sowwy : (.  I decided to do a review on a movie again. hehe lame i know, i barely keep a consistent blog update as it is, let alone one that everyone understands. so i'll just go retro and tell you how i felt about the rocky horror picture show:

my mother said 'Tim Curry' and i was on  it like a freakin' dart i'm a HUGE 'Wild Thornberrys' fan so i had to see this movie.
of course it took me a moment to realize Mr. Curry was Frank N. Furter. i was so, let's say shocked. a drag queen in his own right. i loved how this movie basically chastized science fiction and b-list movies of that era.
though there are kids in my generation who 'don't get what the big deal is' i do enjoy the movie a lot and proceed to watch it every now and again. 

i mean the plot in itself was amazingly speratic. 
young couple decide to go and escape the rain via finding help in the conveniently placed castle. upon arrival a song dance number titled 'the time warp' begins. I always get a kick out of that part. then the lovely lady herself, Janet Weiss (played by susan sarandon), tries to convince our lovely lad himself, Brad Majors (played by Barry Bostwick), that they should leave. and of course he says 'nah lets just stay here', then a random elevator brings down the queen himself, Frank N. Furter.
another song and dance brings about a hastened departure to a lab. Because for some reason Frank isn't just a transvestite, he's a scientist as well.

So after Frank reveals the dream man he made, then ensues a string of events such as a murder, an investigation, Brad and Janet cheating on each other, a birthday party in which they eat the murder victim, and a chase scene that winds up with everyone turned to stone. song and dance routines all through out, of course.
look at his smug face that's a guy who knows he can get into your pants

And then in the end it turns out that Frank, Magenta, and Riff-Raff were all aliens the WHOLE time. magenta and Riff-Raff killed;Columbia, Frank, and finally, after a few shots more then needed, Rocky.
Janet and Brad leave with the Professor.
But the movie didn't end there, it then flipped over to The Criminalist, the guy who was narrating the whole time.
He then says the greatest line in cult film history
"...and crawling on the service of the planet, are billions of little insects called the human race..."
The way he said it sent shivers up my spine.
i laughed the whole time through it was a really good movie who hopefully won't ever be redone because they'll just ruin it i know they will....

Be posting later