Friday, April 18, 2014

creature shop challenge Pt.2 (Ep. 3 & 4)

yep so i'm back with another kind of live blog on the SYFY series 'Jim Henson creature shop Challenge'!

So in episode 3:
they have to make a creature that has been disguised as random inanimate junk for so long that now it has merged with the items. the creature has been captured and wants to escape. i'm kind of excited about this challenge, you never know what will happen.

HOLY CRAP! those cages are HUGE!!!!!!!! i don't think that it's gonna be possible to make creatures of that size without some difficulty.

 i'm curious how they're gonna get the puppets to move, since they're not allowed to be in the cages with the puppet. so you know animatronics are key in this challenge, and i doubt they'll seriously put strings on them and move it manually. so yeah this'll be interesting.

Russ has to lighten up. I like How Lex and Josh is doing, the concept behind their creature is pretty cool, though i do have this nagging feeling that the size scale of the creature is slightly to big.
Ivonne and Ben their creature is so small!

Alright now it's time for the screen test:
Ben and Ivonne: OMG it talks!!!! and moves!!!!!! that was so cool!

Russ and Jake: it does not look good, the laugh was maniacal and awesome. but  no this is definetly a bottom look.

Josh and Lex: HOLY SHIT.... that is awesome. Nuff said. The roar and growl is awesome.

Robert and Melissa: o wow that does look cool, i didn't think that this would pan out but it did!

ok it's done and i can already tell that Russ and Jake are not one of the top looks. on the other side though Robert and Melissa are totally going to win this one.

Time to see who won:
Hmmm... i was wrong, it was Ben and Ivonne. oh well theirs was good to!

time to see who Lost:
wait wait wait!!!!!!!!! Josh just left on his own terms, the hell!?

Alright next is Episode 4!:
so josh left awww he did good work.... oh well on to the show.
they have to make a creature that has been slain and mounted on a wizards wall.

This is gonna be fun(ny)! it's guest starring Donald Faison!

this is the first challenge that they're workin by themselves! ohhh so now you can see what the raw talent they all actually have.

Ivonne is having trouble with her animatronics for the eye.
what does Russ mean by that crap about everyone being dragged down by those who are spending to much time on everyone who is spending to much time on other things?

time for the screen test!

oh god this is already funny, i love Mr. Faison he's so funny!!

Ben: o wow it looks like it's made of wood how cool!

Ivonne: her creature is so fluffy. but the ears don't match for some reason...?

Jake: that is 'what the fuck' incarnate, but comical.

Russ: it has such a high voice OMG! hahahaha!

Robert: that is so funny!

Melissa: o god it's Nessie's cousin. kind of a bland paint job...

Lex: oh god that's so cute i love it!

*Donald Faison was in kickass 2?, now i have to see it!

oh no Ivonne just done screwed up, bare foam!!!!!!!!
it seems like everyone has trouble with those damn eyes.
I'm not sure whose on the chop block right now...

so the Winner is:
  Ben. not that surprising.
and the Loser is:
  Ivonne. it's alright you tried your hardest.

so that's the second pt. of the season 
be posting Later! Bye~Bye!

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