Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homestuck RP!!!!! (don't worry it's a short post...)

so my friends and i have decided that we shall make an after school RP club for homestuck. its not that fancy just having a fake strife among ourselves, making fake weapons and all. we're even making little cutouts of the imps and consorts.

i want to apologize for not being on i'm sorry!

but this has become more like a journal then a blog. oh well i don't care! i like writing about my stuff it's fun.

so anyhow back to the rp....
we decided it will be sort of like dungeons and dragons mixed with homestuck. we all have back stories (no mary sues amongst us *phew*) and the characters are all actually pretty cool, it'll be fun watching the stories unfold and everything i'm so excited and can't wait!

we'll be doing 'event days where we'll be filming it so i'll post links and stuff later.

be posting later bye~bye!

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