Monday, April 28, 2014


yeah so i was looking through some really off base message boards, and there were tons of references to variations on homestuck. like i mean there were different versions such as Militarystuck and a few others so i'm gonna be be showing some that i found.

first there was Gothstuck:
i literally passed out from laughter when i saw Vriska's outfit. but i still like this it's really interesting how people change everyone's looks around. i thought aradia looks really cool, like it! 

then was the feralstucks:

i liked how Karkat and Aradia Looked.

Then i looked up Grungestuck:
i hate how this looks (note to self try and find a better quality)
then there's the o so infamous WhatTheFuckStuck or commonly known as Horrorstuck:

yeah that's what i thought at first too.

stickin to the freaky side ther's also Slenderstuck:

i thought this was all really neat it looked soooooooooooo cuuuuul!

then i looked up Trollstuck and got this:
i found how the initials in their names made up their symbols to be really clever.

and as usual you can look up Humanstuck and get something along the lines of:

then there is Grubstuck: (caution Risk of Diabetes Ahead) i believe this is the person known as Q-domir's work, if not i'm sorry....

awww soooo dute and witttle. bleh i just typed my speech mannerisms.
at this point in time i just started putting all kinds of random shit to see what would come up.

dynasty is the prettieiest so far. sorry that they're all really small.


this was an apparent cosplay plot for militerystuck Gamzee....

wahahahaha! the original size option is a good tool for lengthening posts needlessly.

then for an odd reason i looked up Greasestuck: lol cronus popped up in all of them.

This was a failed attaempt....

then it was the infamous Sadstuck:(warning tears bound to happen)


just to name a few is the correct term to coin here.
then i have Minestuck, Sburbcraft or Homecraft:

Karkat's enderman! omg so adowable!!!!!!!

this is all the room i have for labels so i'll have to finish or continue this another day.

Be posting later Bye~Bye!

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