Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jim Henson creature shop show (SYFY)

yeah i'm a HUGE Jim Henson fan, when i heard that SYFY was going to do this i was Xtatic! I'm actually watching this right now as i do the blog, i just thought it be fun....

Sea creatures were the name of the game for this time and alot of them seem promising, however i have a slight problem with the competitor is Tina. she's a bit spastic and doesn't seem like she's open to working on a team.
She's gonna be the first one to go home, watch she will. i like how some of these guys have an extremely rambunctious design that doesn't seem like they will pan out but they build it anyway.

i must question why people bdoubt the 21 yr. old, he's there so that must mean he has some talent DUH!

wow it's got an air of the Face Off  series about it...

time for the screenings! yes time to see how everyone looks.

Ben and Melissa: whoaly crap that's scary. but totally looks Henson!

Tina and Russ: what the hell's with that color scheme? it's all blue. at least throw some purple on that bitch!

Ivonne and Jake: whoa that was really cool, it was like *HISS THE LIGHT!* it looked good but once again the color needed work...

Chaz and Robert : it looks like a spider snail sooo cute!

Josh and Lex : WHOA! that was intense totally awesome!

ohh their gonna talk to the designers, i think that Ben and Melissa had an interesting concept.  Ivonne and Jake did bad? huh? Josh and Lex that was a great concept, they were cool. Chaz and Robert they made it all cartoony, which was cool but the actor sudenly told them he was running out of air O.O that ain't good. Tina and Russ are arguing HA! that was right you should have kept your mouth shut it wouldn't have made you look like the whiney baby you currently are.

the collaboration of the judges afterwards was really interesting. in hindsight i must admit that the spider-snail was not a really good design.
the judges liked the 'Devil Prawn' by Josh and Lex the most, Josh won. Tina and Russ aren't the bottom!? Chaz and Robert were the bottom and Chaz was the loser! arg! that sucks! but i suppose it's the judges choice, not mine. i'm just disappoint.

i'm gonna do episode 2 for the helluvit as well, cuz I'm evil! >: D mwhahahahaha! the beauties of Xfinity....

So their doing their own version of the Skeksis from 'The Dark Crystal' FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! (if they were banished to a faraway land and then returned) they got split into groups of three.

Ben, Jake And Lex got frozen wasteland, not sure how a reptillian bird could live there...
Josh, Robert and Melissa got decaying forest, hooo that's tottaly Skeksis.
Russ, Tina and Ivonne got arid desert, a Skeksis would be able to live there easily i think.

wow the animatronics just don't want to work for anyone right now.
haha little creatures so cute.

time for the screen test:

Josh, Robert and Melissa: holy crap that's so awesome! it totally looks like it lived in a forest! the little creature was a delight.

Russ, Tina and Ivonne: what the fu- it looks like a giant flower! the movements were really jerky and uncordinated.

Ben, Jake and Lex: whoa that looks terrifying, i totally love it.

they like all of them, but i think the desert Skeksis wasn't the best...

the skesis that won was Robert, Melissa and Josh.decaying forest YEAH!
and as foreseen desert Skeksis lost.
and Tina is outta here.
this is a good series so far, i think i may do posts about this series to the end of it! or at least this season... oh well

  Be posting Later Bye~Bye!

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