Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homestuck! (act 6....)

hello! i know it's been a long time since i've done a post with homestuck (LOL nope-) but i just decided to let you know i'm on ACT 6. And so far i'm realizing how evil betty Crocker is i mean DAMN. and i have to say that i enjoy this story with each part i reach. so far i've gotten the pleasure of meeting Jake and Jane and i think the character Calliope, which my friends refer to as a 'cherub' (?)
I was a bit confused at this and decided to look up what they were becuz my interpretation of a cherub is a little baby angel flying around blowing a trumpet, and once again i was fooled by the name:
 They look like little green Jigsaws and i was made a fool of by Hussie's species name choice. but i'm curious how they play into the story that remains.
However this Act opens with you playing Jane Crocker:

Who apparently a DEVOUT follower of Betty Crocker, Or i mean Baking Goods Powerhouse- or some shit around that line. 
   Then i shall  place Jake English down as well:

 He likes movies. Crappy and well just old crappy movies. he likes fighting and guns.and has a strange infatuation with blue fictional characters. mostly the girls though. the blue fictional girls.
 I Then saw a scene were Jane was wearing this Tiaratop thing that was red and then i realized it was Feferi's Tiara. then i realized THE CONDESCE was wearing that tiara that feferi was wearing that Jane is now wearing. yeah i'm slow at realizing stuff kay?
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Monday, May 19, 2014

My Graduation Present: Yuki

Yes so i got home sunday from my weekend at my dad's and i had a graduation present waiting for me.
It was a wittle kitty that was so fluffy and dute~~~~~~
 I have a really crappy Camera that i use outside of school (i'm going to get a better one hopefully) but i just had to get pictures of my precious baby~~~

 she likes melon juice for some weird reason O.o
she doesn't like staying still so i could only get pictures of her when she was asleep.

so yeah to be a complete lame ass i named her Yuki. You know just to try to be all hipster about this. she's an absolute sweetheart. She's like those cats you see on T.V. that play and everything. so yeah just wanted to be prideful and brag about my dute Kitteh.

Be Posting Later, Bye-Bye~

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Creature Shop Challenge Pt.4 (7&8) *FNALE*

So hello! this is the great segment i place every two weeks about the SYFY show Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.

Episode 7:
So today in the shop we have the lovely contestants doing an new alien life form, who are international diplomats. they have to have the real alien in incognito, so they have to have a large outer head with the real head concealed inside. they'll be positioned at an alien press conference, and it's an individual challenge. the real head has to be sculpted and mechanized, and the fake one has to be fabricated.

so technically they're making two creatures, and with 4 players left they really need to bring the 'AAA' game to this challenge. i like how Melissa's character is starting to show now, she's actually paranoid that everyone is out to get her LOL.

Jake's sculpture looks like Roger from American Dad! XD
Robert and Melissa's sculptures kind of look the same to me.
Ben has a more insectoid look to it, which is good it's better then haveing the aliens look as similar as they do.

Jake may not make it if he honestly thinks that the bodies should open like that it could be the death of him per say. Robert is having difficulty moving the head (real). And Melissa is confident in her design. Ben barely scrapped by the last challenge by a hair he has to really be on his toes this week.
and it's time for them to practice with their pupeteers.
*Barry Sonnenfeld is a guest judge this week.

Then the Screen Test:

 -Melissa: WHOA the fake head looks kinda like a kitty, the real head looks kinda like E.T. if he was purple and had a more angular head. it was a pretty interesting speech, kinda like he was older and was sending out an SOS u know? the judges, were really impressed by the sculpt. but i agree W/them that the head seemed more like it was floating then actually having a body.

 -Ben: It's a fly that opens up to reveal it's a Gremlin, very scary and he had a very smooth transition to the reveal. the judges liked it, but believed that fake head was the weakest link, which i agree it was.

 -Jake: it looks like a mutated pirahna,it's like a pink grey, and the main head was almost the same size as the fake one. but i think it was really cool. the judges weren't as impressed about his reveal, it was very undramatic and plain.

 -Robert: it looks like the mothman, the creature inside is sooooo cuuuuuute~ it has a wittle monocule and its tiny. he had a very dramatic speech which ended in a simple 'Carry on.' i liked how he tried to earn brownie points by calling it reginald. it was a very comical creature and i hope it gets him through to the final.

So the people heading to the final are:
Ben (won the challenge), Robert, & *DRUM ROLL* Melissa.
The person who was cut just short of the dream is:
Jake. it wasn't that it sucked it just didn't have as great an impact as the others.

Episode 8:
this is the last episode of the season the one the only the grand FINALE!
This time on the show everyone who was eliminated is coming back to help the final three on there last creatures the set up being, they have to make their own original creature that is traveling and meets 2 other creatures at a tavern and they have to interact with each other. it has to perform it's own special effect.

so the teams are:
 Robert, Russ, & Ivonne.
Melissa, Lex, & Chaz.
Ben, Jake, & Tina.

Ben's concept is kind of a mary sue character, i like how Melissa's character's concept is it's nice, i think Robert is going to make his creature look like a crossover of 'The Hobbit' and 'Planet Of The Apes', the creatures are going  to be interesting for this final episode.

The creatures look really good so far, however i'm still not sure how the special effects will workout. i mean Robert kind of decided his creature was going to sneeze for his special effect, but that in itself is a great feat to try and complete. Melissa's effect seems pretty cool, smoke coming from the nose is really interesting. then Ben is going to make his creature cry, hope it doesn't short circuit anything.

Time for the last Test Screening:
 -Robert: looks like a monkey lion.
 -Ben: looks like a green old E.T.
 -Melissa: whoa looks like the wolfman retired.

what the heck melissa's creature is evil. Ben's character would be epic in a movie, i love the tears. Robert's creature is russian and dramatic.

wow that was an amazing scene, i want this concept in a henson movie ASAP!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure Ben is going to win, He had such an amazing concept behind his creature and the general emotion it portrayed is beautiful.

the judges thought that Melissa's creature should have had more articulation in the mouth area. Ben was givin' some points for the effect but there was something about how the body was built that left a huge blank area in the area just behind the head. Robert had a strong character but i agree there was some slight faults in the fact that he doesn't have a neck. but it was able to portray emotion very well.

WAIT, WHAT!!?!!?
Well that was unexpected, ah hell who cares i can't wait for the next season!

Be posting later, Bye~Bye!  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo Special!!! (not cosplay this time) *sowwy!*

Yeah so i shall allow you to see some of the work i've done in my photo class over the last few assignments. i felt a little gutsy and decided to show you as my friends put it "mah stylz".

enjoy my photos to the fullest:

this was a regular gradient photo collage,

then we had a styles project and had to do the styles of pop art, impressionist, traditional and abstract.

3 of the pictures i used were the ones i used at the 4/13 meet up, because i was just being lazy and didn't want to take any new ones until i realized i was at an impasse at what to do for the abstract one. so yeah i had a ton of fun on photoshop.

for the elegant traditional:
Pop art:
this is a karkat doll of mine.
then there's abstract: which just so happens to have an edited an unedited version 

and the unedited:
yeah i know i scare myself sometimes with how awesome i am.....

this was a project for names you all get to learn my first one:
that's if you can tell what it says! >: D mwahahahahhaha!
then some photoshop labs. top is Polaroid and bottom is The Reflection assignments.

if you have photoshop and you want to know how to do it here is the links :

Water Reflections


i loved the water reflection one, however i found loopholes to some of the steps, it's actually alot simpler then it appears to be.

alrighty then this was some of my greater works so i will let you enjoy them if you want or not it's up to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Be posting later                 Bye~Bye!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

jim henson shop challenge PT.3 (5&6)

what's up my faithful readers i'm here to do the review for my 2nd favorite SYFY show and to allow you to know what i'm thinking during the show, so without further ado it's time for the semi-live blogcast.

So this week (ep.5) they have to do a large scale creature that are seen via UV paint. they have a fully black rehearsal stage.

hmmmmm............ interesting so this challenge is going to be based mostly on how they move. so this will be amusing.

so they work in pairs this week:

Robert and Russ.

Lex and Jake.

Melissa and Ben.

so there will be 2 bird characters one done by melissa and ben and the other by robert and russ.

Lex and Jake shall be taking the road least traveled and make a baby lizard.
Melissa's complainig about Ben being the Man in the relationship. lol

how many hours a day do they work?
i mean seriously by the time they leave it's night so its obvious that they work for at least 12 hrs.

everone's trying to stay in their comfort zones, they need to be a bit more courageous in their designs.

Uhhhh... alright Ben was kind of a douche, he changed part of the design at the last second. He could've at least Warned Melissa.

they still have to paint these creatures with the UV paint.
and jake/lex, ben/melissa haven't even finished them, ooo boy.....

that lizrd thing is fuckin' huge! how the hell is that gonna move!?

well everyone is finished now all that's left is the screen tests:
*(i just realized Brian Henson looks like Robert England)

  Robert and Russ: i love the way that red sets it off, the leg movement was a bit iffy though.

  Ben and Melissa: it's such a pretty soft blue, the foot movement was very smooth and graceful. (melissa needs to cut down on the bragging)

Jake and Lex: it's beautiful as long as you don't look at those legs.

wow that's cool : big bird, the beloved sesame street character, has all the feathers individually made, so when they have to ship it across the airlines, it actually has to have a first class seat on the planes.
                                                               ~my useless fact to you

 yeah even in the light it hurts to look at the lizard.
ben and melissa's bird is probably going to win this time.

all right wining team is:  Ben and Melissa.
               the single winner is: Melissa.
the losing team: Lex and Jake
               the losing person: Lex.

so now it's time for EPISODE SIX!!!!!!!!!!!

this time they're making a creature that lives in a swamp and blends in with the enviornment. the catch is that at one point the creature is supposed to reveal itself and attack a smaller creature, then return to it's hiding place.

let the fun begin.

they also have to chose what their creature will be disguised as:




russ- weeping willow plants

jake- sticks

three days to finish their creatures let the game begin!

the concepts are really interesting, this surely will show which ones will be appearing as our finalists.        
i like the lilypad monster so far, the eye flower part.
russ is going traditional hand puppet mechs hopping to tug at Mr. Henson'sheartstrings that ain't going to work. that just so happens to be a cheap tactic.
i love the colors their using. i have the wierdest feeling that russ is going to lose this time.

their all on the set at the same time cul!

hoooooooooooo fuck russ broke it's freakin' arm! the hell dude! that's basically saying your a goner!
time for the Screentest: (this isn't gonna go well)

*oooooo neville page is a guest judge this week!

  Russ-wow he fixed his creature it's so funny!

 Robert-o wow that was interesting.

Melissa- o crap i didn't even see it!

Ben- it's like a slimy turtle.

Jake: that is NOT gonna win. it looks good but it just doesn't cut it.

and the winner is: Melissa
the loser is: Russ. called it!!!!
* can't find all of them
be posting later ~Bye-Bye!