Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homestuck! (act 6....)

hello! i know it's been a long time since i've done a post with homestuck (LOL nope-) but i just decided to let you know i'm on ACT 6. And so far i'm realizing how evil betty Crocker is i mean DAMN. and i have to say that i enjoy this story with each part i reach. so far i've gotten the pleasure of meeting Jake and Jane and i think the character Calliope, which my friends refer to as a 'cherub' (?)
I was a bit confused at this and decided to look up what they were becuz my interpretation of a cherub is a little baby angel flying around blowing a trumpet, and once again i was fooled by the name:
 They look like little green Jigsaws and i was made a fool of by Hussie's species name choice. but i'm curious how they play into the story that remains.
However this Act opens with you playing Jane Crocker:

Who apparently a DEVOUT follower of Betty Crocker, Or i mean Baking Goods Powerhouse- or some shit around that line. 
   Then i shall  place Jake English down as well:

 He likes movies. Crappy and well just old crappy movies. he likes fighting and guns.and has a strange infatuation with blue fictional characters. mostly the girls though. the blue fictional girls.
 I Then saw a scene were Jane was wearing this Tiaratop thing that was red and then i realized it was Feferi's Tiara. then i realized THE CONDESCE was wearing that tiara that feferi was wearing that Jane is now wearing. yeah i'm slow at realizing stuff kay?
Be posting later, Bye-Bye~

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