Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo Special!!! (not cosplay this time) *sowwy!*

Yeah so i shall allow you to see some of the work i've done in my photo class over the last few assignments. i felt a little gutsy and decided to show you as my friends put it "mah stylz".

enjoy my photos to the fullest:

this was a regular gradient photo collage,

then we had a styles project and had to do the styles of pop art, impressionist, traditional and abstract.

3 of the pictures i used were the ones i used at the 4/13 meet up, because i was just being lazy and didn't want to take any new ones until i realized i was at an impasse at what to do for the abstract one. so yeah i had a ton of fun on photoshop.

for the elegant traditional:
Pop art:
this is a karkat doll of mine.
then there's abstract: which just so happens to have an edited an unedited version 

and the unedited:
yeah i know i scare myself sometimes with how awesome i am.....

this was a project for names you all get to learn my first one:
that's if you can tell what it says! >: D mwahahahahhaha!
then some photoshop labs. top is Polaroid and bottom is The Reflection assignments.

if you have photoshop and you want to know how to do it here is the links :

Water Reflections


i loved the water reflection one, however i found loopholes to some of the steps, it's actually alot simpler then it appears to be.

alrighty then this was some of my greater works so i will let you enjoy them if you want or not it's up to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Be posting later                 Bye~Bye!

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