Monday, July 14, 2014


Yes, so hello everyone, I've been away for awhile for a multitude of reasons, i.e. i went to Disneyland for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so beautiful, and fun because i was with my friends. i'll do a post later i'm still trying to get my camera to cough out the SD card.  then after that (actually this happened before i got the news that i was able to go to Disneyland) i was accepted into Westwood college, so i had to go to Anaheim TWICE in the spance of 72 hours. yaaaaay......
Not only was it my application for college but it was also 5 days before my graduation!
I made it past the entrance exam to the college.
And graduated.
Now my time is consisting of packing for college before the 22nd of this month.
because that's when i go back to my homestate of indiana for a visit. by plane. flying. so scared of heigths.
then i go to my new apartment with 5 other girls i don't even know, for a year and a half. at the end of this month so let the games begin i suppose.
Wish me luck be posting later..

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