Saturday, August 9, 2014

OH.... MY..... GAWD.................

yes so hello my sweet darlings whom i've never even met, i'm hear to say hi and how do you do?


Sup when last we left off i was going through the lovely change known as college entrance and how i was going to pay for it. well a funny thing happened that day when i was done with my last post, I logged off my blogger and then received a phone call from my college rep asking if we could meet at the library in order to discuss some more paperwork for school. i of course begrudgingly said yes, because there was always one more hurdle to jump in this race. i waited about two hours before my mom showed up, then he showed up shortly after.
He told me to wait a second well he went and did something real fast. Which i was just really tired and didn't care at that point. then we went to the front of the library, where my friend was at that point (mere coincidence might i remind you) and he told me "do you know what i'm about to give you?" i was basically blind sided when he handed me the certificate to the 'Presidential Full-Ride Scholarship'
i have never been happier in my entire life.

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