Wednesday, April 15, 2015

painting in photosop is fun! will be an continuously updated post

seriously painting in photoshop is fun as all hell heres some stuff i did from line art, i COLORED THESE, not draw COLORED:

this lineart was done by vanichan

line art is by KYORI_YUKI

rose quartz lineart by Mackploi
sorry this one didnt have a name but it was really fun to paint....

i hate amethysts face here. but this was awesome to paint.

still don't know who does the homestuck ones but they are choice

elby88 made this piece and it was the most taxing one ive done so far.
ai mizaki By xselphose

jun with kimono By Kohane_Chan ( I may do this in a variety of colors in the future)
kohane chans piece version 2:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy 4/13!!!

Original line art drawing is to the respective owner, your awesome.

Z-raid did the lineart work for this on and i love it: